Vintage style wins the day at Fashions on the Field

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PARTYGOERS throughout the region are preparing for the social and style event of the year, as the Ipswich Cup is simply 18 sleeps away.

Over $7000 in rewards are up for grabs over 3 categories including Most Fashionable Female, Sharpest Dressed Man and Finest Attired Couple.

To commemorate the 150th year of the Ipswich Cup, there will be a special category for Best Vintage Outfit guiltysoles.

Visitors to the greatest racing satisfy in the state are encouraged to wear outfits that visitors to the first Ipswich Cup in 1866 may have used.

"Outfits from that age consist of for the gentlemen, things like stovepipe hats, suspenders to keep up the trouser, matches with tails and bow ties," stated Ipswich Turf Club basic supervisor Brett Kitchin."For the ladies it's all about bodices, gloves, bonnets, and lots of lace.

"There's been a great deal of interest in this category. It's the first time we've encouraged visitors to obtain dressed in historic attire, its showing preferred.

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Daphne Guinness has 'never' comprehended fashion


The 48-year-old - who was the style muse for designers Alexander McQueen and the innovative director of Chanel Karl Lagerfeld - has actually confessed she didn't consider herself as part of the "style world" and thinks the industry needs to feature a danger sign because she deems it "nasty" and "cynical".

Talking to The Times newspaper, Daphne - who assisted the late Isabella Blow on publication picture shoots - said:" I was never ever part of the style world and I never ever comprehended it.

"Isabella Blow was a household buddy. I only worked with her by mistake because she kept vanishing.


the effects of disposable style: The year I quit shopping to assist the environment


Last January, I fulfilled with a buddy who volunteered regularly at a clothing donation. Kari discovered the cheap clothing that many people contribute the Forever 21 skirt that cost less than your breakfast, the H&M blouses that never fit rather right, the Zara pants that pilled after one wash all comes at a terrible expense to the environment. And while you re cleaning out your wardrobe for donation bragging to your pals (and tax accountant) just how much you sacrificed for those less fortunate, well, much of that non reusable style still winds up in a land fill.

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